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Best Government-Owned Housing Estates in Lagos

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Living in Lagos is not an easy choice. You want  the energy, the opportunity, the city that never sleeps. But sometimes, between the late-night hustle and the energetic crowds, you just want a place to breathe. 

That’s where government housing estates come in, as  the chance to find an affordable haven in the heart of Lagos is not easy, as the demand for housing continues to rise, driven by urbanization, migration, and economic opportunities. 

In response to this pressing need, the Lagos State government has implemented various initiatives, including the development of government-owned housing estates, to address the housing deficit and improve living standards across the state.

Key Takeaways:

  • Homeownership: These estates offer subsidized housing options for Lagosians, particularly first-time buyers or those on a budget. 
  • Location Matters: Estates can be found in various parts of Lagos, with varying levels of development. Accessibility to amenities and infrastructure can differ. Research locations carefully.
  • Application Process: Securing a place typically involves an application process managed by the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) or relevant government agencies.
  • Beyond the Price Tag: While affordability is a major draw, consider amenities offered, maintenance upkeep, and overall community vibe when making your decision
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Popular Government-owned Housing Estates in Lagos

Lagos is home to several well-established government-owned housing estates that have become integral parts of the city’s urban fabric. These estates offer a diverse range of housing options, amenities, and community facilities tailored to the needs of residents.

One such estate is the Lagos State Housing Estate (popularly known as LSDPC Estate) located in various parts of Lagos. LSDPC estates feature a mix of apartment buildings, duplexes, and bungalows, catering to different household sizes and preferences. 

With well-maintained infrastructure, landscaped gardens, and recreational spaces, LSDPC estates provide residents with a conducive environment for family living and community engagement.

Another notable estate is the Lagos Homes, developed under the Lagos HOMS initiative. Lagos Homes estates offer modern, affordable housing units equipped with essential amenities such as water supply, electricity, and security services. 

These estates are strategically located in accessible areas across Lagos, providing residents with proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, and commercial centers.

Other popular government-owned housing estates include Gbagada Housing Estate, Ikorodu Housing Scheme, and Alausa Housing Estate, among others. These estates continue to play pivotal roles in meeting the housing needs of Lagos residents while contributing to the city’s urban development and socio-economic growth.

Gbagada Housing Estate

Gbagada Housing Estate stands as one of Lagos’ premier government-owned housing developments, strategically located to cater to the housing needs of residents in the Gbagada area and its environs. The estate boasts a mix of residential units, including apartments, duplexes, and bungalows, designed to accommodate diverse household sizes and preferences.

Ikorodu Housing Scheme

The Ikorodu Housing Scheme represents a significant government initiative aimed at addressing the housing needs of residents in the Ikorodu area and its surrounding communities. Spanning multiple phases, the scheme comprises a range of housing units designed to cater to various income levels and demographic groups.

Alausa Housing Estate

Alausa Housing Estate stands as a flagship government-owned housing development located in the heart of Lagos, adjacent to the bustling Alausa Central Business District. The estate offers a unique blend of residential tranquility and urban convenience, catering to the housing needs of professionals, families, and individuals seeking a prime residential address.

Oba – Elegushi Estate, Lekki Scheme 2

Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2 is one of the schemes designed by the Lagos State Government over a decade ago to satisfy the yearning of people for plots of land to build personal houses in the highbrow Lekki axis. Specifically, Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2 which was mapped out in 1996 has a land area of 514.53 hectares. A further breakdown shows that the scheme has 3,095 residential plots, 64 commercial plots, 47 mixed development plots, 26 institutional plots and 17 recreational plots.

Lekki Apartments, Ikate Elegushi, Lekki

Located within a gated community in Ikate, Elegushi (bordering Lekki Phase 1 Estate)- a fast growing and tranquil neighborhood with premium amenities and infrastructure is one of the government owned estate in lagos state. 

The Lekki Apartments provides everything you want in a contemporary home with painstakingly designed landscaping and pathways to blend in with the architecture There are a mix of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments which benefits from amenities like concierge services, cafe, elevators, swimming pool, gym/fitness centre, picnic/play area, perimeter security, back-up power supply, dedicated power transformer, water treatment plant, sewage treatment facility e.t.c. 

Ndubuisi Kanu Estate, Gbagada

Described as one of the choice housing schemes by the present administration, this estate comprises 72 home units broken into 48 two-bedroom and 24 three-bedroom apartments

LagosHomes Odo Onosa/Odo-Ayandelu

This estate is located along Agbowa-Sagamu Road, Agbowa in Ikosi-Ejirin Local Council Development Area, covering 8.22 hectares of land. It comprises 660 units in 70 Blocks of four housing types, broken into, 8 Blocks of One-Bedroom Flats (192 Units); 21 Blocks of Two-Bedroom Flats (252 Units); 26 Blocks of Three-Bedroom Flats (156 Units) and 15 Blocks of Three-Bedroom Flats (60 Units).

Resettlement Scheme in Agbowa

This estate was built to house displaced people in the Odo-Onosa-Ayandelu axis of Lagos state, the same axis of the Odo Onosa/Ode-Ayandelu housing estate. It comprises 144 units broken into:4 Blocks of Two-Bedroom (48 Units) and 4 Blocks of One-Bedroom (96 Units)

LSDP Housing Estate, Ebute Meta

Lagos LSDP housing estate at Ebute Meta(F9RP+8HJ, Glover St, Lagos Mainland, Lagos 101245, Lagos). The housing units are now owned by individuals as it has been sold to private owners who now sometimes rent it out or stay there. This estate is one of many estate created by lagos mortgage scheme. 

Medium Housing Estate

A residential estate owned by the state government. Sectioned into zones, blocks and flats. Each zone has a set of houses, each referred to as a block. Each block is segmented into four flats: 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs. Although it is owned by the government, a flat can be bought or rented by an individual. Also, there are some flats usually reserved for special government officials.

Surrounded by 2 fuel filling stations. 5 min walk to the renowned Agege Stadium. Just beside the LGA Secretariat. 5 min drive into the large and renowned Agege market. Close to Ogba bus stop, which is a central bus park in Lagos state.

Bourdillion Court Estate

Bourdillon Court Estate is a serviced residential estate located on the highbrow Chevron drive in Lekki. It was developed by Aircom Nigeria Limited and comprises 172 units of terraced duplexes.

The estate has a central management authority. It is well-maintained with ample space for green areas. The roads within are interlocked, the environment is well-landscaped and attractive.

It’s a gated estate with effective 24-hour security. Entry is restricted and non-residents are required to call their hosts for a “gate-pass” before being allowed in.

The Impact of Government Housing Estates in Lagos

Government-owned housing estates in Lagos have a profound impact on the social, economic, and environmental dynamics of communities across the state. These estates serve as catalysts for positive change, fostering inclusive development and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Social Cohesion and Community Integration 

Government housing estates facilitate the formation of vibrant and cohesive communities characterized by strong social bonds and mutual support networks. Residents from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering cultural exchange and social interaction. 

Community events, recreational facilities, and shared spaces promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents, strengthening the fabric of local communities.

Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Opportunities

Government housing estates create avenues for economic empowerment and livelihood opportunities for residents. Proximity to employment centers, commercial hubs, and educational institutions enhances residents’ access to job opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. 

Additionally, government initiatives such as skills development programs, microfinance schemes, and business incubation centers empower residents to pursue economic endeavors and improve their socio-economic status.

Environmental Sustainability and Urban Resilience

Government-owned housing estates prioritize environmental sustainability and urban resilience through green initiatives and eco-friendly practices. Sustainable building designs, renewable energy systems, and waste management programs contribute to reducing carbon footprints and mitigating environmental impact. 

Moreover, green spaces, parks, and tree-lined avenues enhance the aesthetic appeal of housing estates while promoting biodiversity and ecological balance.

Challenges and Opportunities in Lagos Government-Owned Estates

Despite their significant contributions, government-owned housing estates in Lagos face various challenges that hinder their optimal functioning and impact. These challenges include:

Infrastructure Deficiencies

Many housing estates experience infrastructural deficiencies such as inadequate road networks, water supply, sanitation facilities, and electricity. Addressing these deficiencies requires sustained investment in infrastructure development and maintenance to ensure residents’ well-being and safety.

Maintenance and Management Issues

Effective maintenance and management of housing estates pose significant challenges, including insufficient funding, inadequate maintenance personnel, and bureaucratic hurdles. Streamlining administrative processes, enhancing transparency, and promoting community involvement can improve estate management and service delivery.

Socio-economic Disparities

Government housing estates often grapple with socio-economic disparities and inequalities among residents, stemming from factors such as income disparity, educational attainment, and access to opportunities. 

Implementing inclusive policies, promoting social cohesion, and fostering economic empowerment programs can help mitigate these disparities and create more equitable communities.

Despite these challenges, government-owned housing estates present opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. Leveraging technology, engaging stakeholders, and adopting participatory approaches can unlock the full potential of housing estates and drive positive change in Lagos’ urban landscape.

Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme

The Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (Lagos HOMS) is a government initiative created to encourage and support home ownership of First-Time Buyer (FTB) residents of Lagos State to purchase decent and affordable homes through the provision of accessible mortgage finance. Lagos HOMS is administered by the Lagos State Mortgage Board (LMB).

Lagos State Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (Lagos HOMS) Head Office is located in NECA House (2nd and 3rd Floor) Plot A2 NECA House, Hakeem Balogun Central Business District, Alausa, Lagos.

In line with its promise to energize investment in home ownership by increasing the supply of homes and enabling wide access to home ownership through mortgage finance, the Lagos State Government introduced the Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme, (Lagos HOMS).

Lagos HOMS is a unique solution to the substantial supply gap in housing stock in Lagos State, inspired by the State Government’s resolve to bridge the housing deficit in Lagos State and ensure that the Lagos State Government lives up to its social obligation to provide affordable shelter to its citizens.

Features of the Scheme

  • 10 years minimum tenor  and maximum of 20 years
  • An down payment of 30% of the cost of the property
  • 70% facility contribution by participating banks with a 6% interest rate
  • Fee of ₦10,000 (Civil Servant) and an admin charge of ₦25,000 (others)
  • Repayment shall be an equal periodic principal repayment (Interest to be paid  on reducing balance) OR an equal monthly installment of both principal and interest
  • The Deed of Mortgage shall act as security over the property to be acquired

Eligibility Criteria for Qualification

  • Applicant must reside in Lagos State
  • Applicant must be under 60 years of age
  • Applicant must have a verifiable means of income
  • Applicants should be credit worthy
  • Successful Applicants are expected to pay 30% of the value of the house they intend to purchase
  • Houses purchased under the scheme must be occupied by the beneficiary and cannot be transferred or rented out until all obligations has been fulfilled
  • Beneficiaries are to pay 6% interest rate on the mortgage loan
  • Applicants must have been working for his/her current employer for at least six months (and must be confirmed by employer)
  • Applicants must be first time home buyers

Application and Approval Process

  • Interested Applicants must obtain a form from the Ministry of Housing or download form from the Lagos State Government website.
  • Applicants should fill the form and submit to the Ministry of Housing accompanied with payment of N1,000 for  the Application Form.
  • Applicants who have submitted his/her application forms will be directed to any of the three receiving banks   for pre-qualification.
  • All Applicants pre-qualified and recommended by any of the receiving Banks will be issued with Letter of Offer.
  • Applicants are expected to pay the 30% equity contribution to any of the three collaborating banks.
  • Applicants to submit proof of payment and an acceptance Letter to the Ministry of Housing.
  • The Ministry of Housing refers documents to the Ministry of Justice to prepare and execute Contract of Sales and Deed of Mortgage Agreements.
  • The Ministry of Housing then releases the Letter of Confirmation of Allocation and keys to successful Applicants.

Pre-Qualification/Screening Process

  • Lagos State Government will first pre-qualify the intended beneficiary who must be a first time home owner in Lagos State and the claim of first time home ownership must be administered under an Oath.
  • The pre-qualified individual must open an individual current account with the Bank. The account will serve for both the purpose of paying 30% equity contribution and also for monthly repayment.
  • The beneficiary will submit his\her allocation paper from LASG to the bank along with a request letter and apply for a mortgage scheme under Lagos State Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme.
  • Upon meeting the Risk Acceptance Criteria tabulated below, approval will be conveyed via an offer letter and monthly repayment schedule communicated to the beneficiary.
  • For proof of affordability, salary earners are to submit pay slips for  the past 6 months and salary account statement for the past one  year while self-employed would submit company profile, three years audited account statement and business\personal account  statement for the past 12 months.
  • Monthly repayment as stated in the repayment schedule commences as soon as offer is accepted and condition precedent to commencement of monthly repayment is met.
  • The Bank will communicate acceptance and approval to LASG for release of Keys to the beneficiary to take possession.
  • Update on monthly repayment will be given to LASG on monthly basis.
  • A dedicated account will be opened which will warehouse all monthly payments from the buyers which would have joint signatories from the Ministry of Housing & Ministry of Finance.


Government-owned housing estates stand as beacons of affordable housing solutions, offering not just shelter but a sense of community and belonging. By exploring their diverse offerings and understanding their significance in the urban landscape, You will uncover opportunities for sustainable living and investment. 

As Lagos continues to evolve, these estates serve as pillars of progress, embodying the vision of a vibrant and inclusive city. Let us embrace their potential and contribute to the thriving tapestry of life in Lagos.


What are government-owned housing estates in Lagos, and who qualifies to live in them?

Government-owned housing estates in Lagos are residential communities developed and managed by government agencies or parastatals to provide affordable housing solutions to residents. These estates cater to individuals and families with varying income levels, including low to middle-income earners. 

How can I apply for housing in government-owned estates in Lagos?

To apply for housing in government-owned estates in Lagos, interested individuals typically need to follow specific procedures outlined by the relevant government agency or parastatal responsible for managing the estate. This may involve submitting an application form, providing documentation to verify eligibility criteria such as income level, household size, and residency status, and participating in a selection process, such as a lottery or screening interview.

What amenities and services are available in government-owned housing estates in Lagos?

Government-owned housing estates in Lagos often offer various amenities and services aimed at enhancing residents’ quality of life. These may include well-planned layouts, paved roads, street lighting, recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds, community centers, schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers. Additionally, some estates may provide security services, maintenance of common areas, waste management, and access to utilities such as water and electricity. 

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