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Ten Things You Need To Do Before Getting Into Real Estate Market In Lagos

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In recent years, the Lagos real estate market has been a trending issue, with many business-oriented folks seeking to capitalize on the city’s real estate investment potential.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced investor or just testing the waters. Numerous choices are available to help you realize your real estate goal in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria.

The secret behind this is that real estate in Lagos state has historically been an excellent investment choice and rapid urbanization, which is an exciting perk for those seeking to diversify their portfolios.

However, before jumping the gun and making an investment, you will need to do your homework. Here are ten practical things that you should consider first:

Real Estate in Lagos State

Lagos offers investors abundant real estate opportunities thanks to its thriving economy and broad real estate property market. Whether you’re interested in investing in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, you have numerous alternatives from real estate companies.

Lagos’s real estate is an excellent investment goldmine for all kinds of investors due to the city’s expanding population and economic growth. The Lagos State government has also promoted the real estate industry through its heavy investment in infrastructure, public housing projects, regulation, and oversight of private sector development.

The government also owns and manages various properties across the state, such as government buildings, parks, and public facilities in the Lagos metropolitan area. Additionally, the government has implemented policies and initiatives to address housing affordability and reduce the housing deficit in Lagos State.

The city has become an increasingly desirable strategic location for real estate investment, and many individuals are eager to invest in Lagos city. The city offers many real estate alternatives, from luxury residential villas to office buildings and rental properties.

With its robust economy, huge population, and incredible infrastructure, such as Lagos Business School, University of Lagos, Nigerian Ports Authority, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Nigerian Law School, Lagos Rail Mass Transit, Lagos is, no doubt, a megacity and a region that offers various attractive prospects for real estate investors.


10 Things You Need To Do Before Investing In Lagos Real Estate Market

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Real estate investment in Lagos, Nigeria, can be a lucrative opportunity for investors due to the high demand for properties in the city. However, there are several factors to consider before investing in real estate in Lagos, such as:


Before going into the Lagos real estate market, it is essential to conduct thorough research to make informed decisions. According to the National Population Commission, Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing megacities in the world, with an estimated population of over 20 million people in 2020. The goal of expansion in Lagos is to accommodate this growing population, which has resulted in the development of numerous real estate properties.

One crucial aspect to consider is the long-term goal of the Lagos Megacity project. The government plans to transform Lagos into a smart city with world-class infrastructure which will significantly impact the real estate market. Therefore, it is vital to understand the development plan and how it aligns with your investment goals.


Networking is essential to the Lagos real estate market, particularly for property developers and practitioners. As a newbie, Lagos Island is a highly sought-after location for property development as it is the economic hub of the city and one of the most populous areas in Nigeria. As such, there is stiff competition among real estate developers for available land, and networking is critical in navigating this market.

In Lagos, knowing the right people can make all the difference in securing a prime piece of land for development. A well-established network can give you valuable insights into the market, connect you with potential partners and investors, and give you access to off-market properties that may not be available to the general public.

Networking can take many forms in Lagos real estate, from attending industry events and conferences to building relationships with key stakeholders such as government officials and community leaders. Establishing a strong online presence through social media platforms and industry-specific forums can also be an effective way to expand your network and build relationships with potential clients.

Coming into the Lagos property market, you should invest time and effort in building a robust network of industry contacts. You can access valuable information, insights, and opportunities to help you succeed in this highly competitive market. Whether you are a property developer, investor, or real estate agent, networking should be a top priority if you want to thrive in Lagos’ dynamic real estate market.


Location is critical to consider before venturing into the Lagos real estate market. As a bustling city in Nigeria and home to some of the country’s most populous and expensive areas, understanding the different locations in Lagos and their unique features is essential before investing in real estate.

One of Lagos’s most popular and sought-after locations is Eko Atlantic, near Bar Beach. This area is known for its beautiful shoreline and luxurious real estate options. It is a prime location for high-end residential properties, commercial developments, and hospitality businesses.

However, due to the high demand and limited supply of properties in Bar Beach, it is one of the most expensive areas in Lagos. Furthermore, Ibeju Lekki, home to the free trade zone in lekki (Lekki FTZ), is one of the fastest-growing areas in Lagos, a hub for real estate investments. 

Another critical location to consider when investing in Lagos real estate is the Lagos Mainland. The mainland is home to several business activities, making it an ideal location for commercial real estate. The Lagos Mainland is also known for its affordable real estate options, making it a great choice for individuals or businesses looking for cost-effective options.

Financing Options

Nigeria’s most populous city has a vibrant real estate market that offers various investment opportunities. However, before delving into the market, it is essential to understand the available financing options.

One of the financing options available to investors in Lagos real estate is bank financing. Banks like Fidelity Bank offer mortgage loans to individuals and organizations that seek to invest in the market. The loans have favourable interest rates and flexible repayment terms and are suitable for short-term and long-term investments.

Another financing option is through the African Development Bank (AfDB). The AfDB offers a range of financing options to investors, including debt financing, equity financing, and guarantees. Their financing options are tailored to meet the specific needs of investors in the real estate sector.

Investors can also opt for joint venture partnerships with property developers. This option suits investors with limited capital who want to invest in quality buildings within the central business district and sizeable shopping districts. Through joint venture partnerships, investors can pool resources with developers and share the profits and risks.

Investment Strategies

Considering investing in real estate in Lagos, Nigeria, a solid investment strategy is important. Lagos is a rapidly growing and vibrant city with much potential for real estate investment, but it can also be a challenging market to navigate. Still, with the right investment strategies, navigating real estate and reducing risks is easier.

Certain factors like laws, zoning regulations etc., affect the real estate market in Lagos. Having a good investment strategy is necessary beforehand to navigate the market, prevent issues and even safeguard against scams and litigations

In all, having an investment strategy is being prepared, as a good real estate investment strategy contains all aspects of real estate investment with the appropriate factors put into consideration. 


If you are planning to invest in the Lagos real estate market, it is crucial to understand the documentation required for such transactions. The Lagos real estate market is highly regulated, and the government has set certain requirements to meet before any real estate transaction can be completed.

One of the critical documents you need to know about when buying or selling a plot of land in Lagos is the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). This document serves as proof of ownership and confirms that the government has granted the land to the owner. The C of O is essential when buying or selling a plot of land, as it provides legal protection for the buyer.


Before delving into the Lagos real estate market, it is essential to understand the taxes that apply to real estate properties in the city. Lagos is known for being one of the busiest commercial hubs in Nigeria, and as such, it is not uncommon for the government to impose various taxes and levies on real estate transactions.

One of the most significant taxes that real estate investors and property owners need to be aware of is the property tax. This tax is charged on the value of a property and is usually collected by the local government. In Lagos, the Lagos State Government is responsible for collecting property taxes. The amount of tax paid depends on the property’s value, and the government uses a formula to calculate this value.

Apart from property tax, there are other taxes and levies that real estate investors need to know about before venturing into the Lagos real estate market. A land use charge is a fee imposed on landowners to use their land. 

Risk Management

Real estate risk management is essential when investing in the Lagos real estate market. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, and its real estate market is highly dynamic, diverse, and competitive. The Lagos real estate market offers numerous opportunities for investors and developers but poses several risks and challenges.

One of the primary risks of investing in Lagos real estate is the complex legal and regulatory environment. Lagos is subject to various laws and regulations that govern property ownership, development, and transactions. Understanding the legal and regulatory framework, including the requirements for land acquisition, building permits, and property registration, is crucial. Failure to comply with the relevant laws and regulations can lead to legal disputes, fines, and even property seizure.

Another critical risk in the Lagos real estate market is the potential for fraudulent activities. Property scams, including fake land titles, phoney real estate agents, and forged documents, are prevalent in Lagos. Therefore, conducting thorough due diligence on any property or real estate agent before making any investment is essential.

Professional Advice

Real estate is a lucrative business in Lagos, Nigeria, attracting local and foreign investors. However, before investing in the Lagos real estate market, seeking professional advice from experienced and knowledgeable real estate professionals is crucial.

One of the first things to consider is the location of the property. Lagos is a sprawling metropolis, and the location of a property can significantly impact its value. Properties located near the Lagos Lagoon, in areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki, tend to be more expensive due to their proximity to the water and exclusivity. On the other hand, properties in less desirable areas like Ogun state may have lower prices but may also be less attractive to potential buyers or renters.

Working with a professional real estate agent or consultant can help you navigate the complex Lagos real estate market. A knowledgeable agent can provide insights into market trends, property valuations, and potential investment opportunities. They can also help you negotiate the best deals and ensure that the transaction’s legal and financial aspects are properly handled.

Understanding the Role of Government

Real estate is a crucial sector of the Lagos economy, and it is important to understand the government’s role in the industry before venturing into the Lagos real estate market. Lagos has diverse real estate opportunities, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

One of the key players in the Lagos real estate market is the government. The Lagos state government regulates and oversees the real estate industry, including developing new properties and managing existing ones. This includes enforcing building codes, zoning regulations, and other laws that govern the real estate sector.

Another key consideration is the municipality of Lagos, where the property is located. Lagos is divided into several municipalities, each with unique characteristics and opportunities. For example, Nigeria is a fast-growing municipality with a vibrant real estate market. At the same time, College Lagos is home to several prestigious educational institutions and may be attractive to students and families.

Types of Real Estate Market to Venture Into

Understanding the different types of real estate markets and their nuances is essential to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success. Explore some of the types of real estate markets you can venture into, their features, and their potential benefits and challenges.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate in Lagos covers many properties, from apartments and townhouses to villas. These real estate investments provide both the potential for capital appreciation and rental income when tenants are secured.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in Lagos includes business centres, shopping malls and office complexes. These investments offer the potential for high returns on investment, provided the market is studied, and the right real estate investments are made.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate in Lagos may include warehouses, factories and other industrial properties. These real estate investments offer both the potential for capital appreciation as well as rental income when tenants are secured. However, they require more research and due diligence than residential real estate investments.

Agricultural Real Estate

Agricultural real estate in Lagos may include farmland and agricultural estates. These real estate investments offer the potential for both capital appreciation as well as rental income when tenants are secured.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Lagos allow investors to invest in real estate without the hassle of owning a property.

REITs are publicly traded entities that allow investors to pool their money together to purchase real estate. This type of real estate investment offers the potential for both capital appreciation as well as rental income when tenants are secured.

By investing in one or more of these real estate markets in Lagos, you can increase your chances of achieving financial success. With the right strategy and tips on how to and what to invest in, you can get into real estate and build a successful portfolio.

How to Easily Make Money in Lagos Real Estate Industry 

Land Banking

Land banking is a real estate investment strategy that involves acquiring plots of land for future development or resale at a higher price. In Lagos, Nigeria, land banking has become a popular means of making money in the real estate market, especially with the rapidly growing population and increasing demand for high-rise buildings.

Lagos, being the economic hub of Nigeria, has witnessed a surge in population figures, with a significant percentage of the population residing in urban areas. As the population grows, the demand for housing increases, leading to a rise in land value in strategic locations.

Land banking involves purchasing plots of land in strategic locations and holding onto them until their value appreciates. The availability of large plots of land in Lagos makes this investment strategy viable for those interested in real estate investments.

High-rise buildings are also in high demand in Lagos due to the limited land space available for development. Investing in land banking provides an opportunity to acquire large plots of land that can be used to construct high-rise buildings, which attract high rental income.

OffPlan Investment

OffPlan investment is a popular way to make money in the Lagos real estate market. This investment strategy involves purchasing a plot of land or a high-rise building before it is completed and selling it after construction. Investing in off-plan properties can benefit from the price appreciation that often occurs as construction progresses and the property becomes more valuable.

One of the advantages of off-plan investment is that it allows investors to secure properties at lower prices than they would pay once construction is completed. This is because developers often offer discounted prices to early investors to incentivize them to buy into the project. As the property nears completion, its value increases, and investors can then sell their investment for a profit.

Off-plan investment can be a relatively easy way to make money in the Lagos real estate market, but it is important to research before investing. Investors should carefully evaluate the developer’s reputation, track record, the property’s location, and potential resale value. Additionally, investors should be prepared to hold their investment for several years until construction is completed and the property can be sold for a profit.

Rental Property

Lagos, one of the most populous cities in Africa, has experienced significant growth in its population in recent years. As a result, the demand for housing has also increased, creating an opportunity for real estate investors to invest in rental properties.

Investing in rental properties can be a lucrative way to make money in the Lagos real estate market. With the growing population, the demand for rental properties has increased, especially in urban areas with higher population densities. High-rise buildings have become increasingly popular in Lagos due to the scarcity of land and the need to accommodate more people in limited spaces.

Investing in rental properties can be a relatively easy way to generate income. Once you purchase a plot of land or an existing property, you can renovate it and turn it into rental units. As the population grows, the demand for rental properties also increases, which means you can charge higher rents, resulting in a steady stream of passive income.

Distress Properties

Distressed properties are properties that their owners are selling off at prices lower than their market value. This could be due to various reasons, such as the owner’s financial difficulties, inability to maintain or manage the property, or urgent need for cash. In Lagos, distressed properties present a unique opportunity for real estate investors to make money quickly.

The Lagos real estate market is highly competitive, with a high property demand and limited supply. This makes it difficult for many investors to find profitable deals, especially in prime locations. However, with distressed properties, investors can acquire properties at prices significantly lower than their market value, giving them an edge.

One primary benefit of investing in distressed properties in Lagos is the potential for high returns on investment (ROI). Investors can buy properties at a discount, renovate or upgrade them, and then resell them at a higher price. Alternatively, they can rent the property and earn a steady stream of rental income.

Invest in Real Estate Funds

Another great way to get into real estate investment in Lagos is by investing in real estate funds. These funds allow investors to diversify their portfolios while taking advantage of some of the best real estate deals worldwide.

Invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

REITs are an investment vehicles allowing investors to gain exposure to real estate investments without taking on direct ownership.

Invest in Real Estate Syndication

Investing in real estate syndication involves pooling money with other investors to purchase and manage real estate projects. This type of investment allows individuals to participate in real estate deals that typically require significant capital, expertise, and time. 

Real estate syndicators, typically experienced real estate professionals, manage the investment on behalf of the investors and earn a percentage of the profits. Investors can earn returns through rental income, property appreciation, or both. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in real estate syndication to understand the risks and potential returns associated with the investment.

Invest in Property Management Companies

Investing in property management companies can be a great option for those looking to make real estate investments without managing the property. These companies provide real estate owners with the necessary services to manage and maintain their assets.

Invest in Real Estate Technology (Proptech)

With real estate technology becoming increasingly popular, real estate investors can take advantage of this trend by investing in real estate technology companies. These companies provide real estate owners the tools and services they need to manage their investments more effectively.

With these ten proven tips to get into the real estate market in Lagos, you can make a smart real estate investment decision that will transform your financial life. Start investing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Market My Real Estate in Lagos?

The best way to market your real estate in Lagos is through online marketing. You can create a website with information about the property, use SEO tactics to make it easier for potential buyers to find you, and utilize social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word about your business.

How Do You Break Into the Property Market?

Breaking into the property market starts with researching the local real estate market. Learn about trends in pricing, zoning regulations, and other factors that will determine the success of your investment. Additionally, you should identify what type of properties you would like to purchase or develop and begin networking with people already active in the industry.

What are the 3 Most Important Things When Looking to Buy Real Estate?

The first of the three most important factors is location. Ensure you buy in an attractive area to potential tenants with good transportation links and amenities.
Then you consider the price. You must research to ensure the property’s asking price reflects its true value so you don’t overpay.
Lastly, you look at the property’s condition. Always be aware of the condition of the property and any repairs that may be needed before purchasing. The investment should not require too much money to make it worthwhile.

What are the Steps to Starting Real Estate?

The easy steps to starting a real estate project include research. You must extensively research the local real estate market, including pricing trends and zoning regulations.
After that, your network and connect with professionals in the industry to gain knowledge and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers. And lastly, secure financing for your investments by obtaining a loan or finding a partner who will provide capital.

How Can I Sell My Property Fast in Lagos?

The best way to sell your property fast in Lagos is to focus on online marketing. Utilize social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share information about the property and generate interest from potential buyers. Additionally, create a website for the property with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions of its features, and contact information for inquiries.


The real estate business in Lagos is a dynamic and growing industry with numerous opportunities for investors and developers. The city’s vast size, with over 3,577 square kilometres of land, provides ample space for real estate development. However, Lagos is also prone to natural disasters such as flooding, which can pose a significant risk to property and investment.

Therefore, you should consider measures to mitigate the effects of natural disasters while planning and executing real estate projects in Lagos. Above all, with careful planning and risk management, the real estate industry in Lagos has the potential to continue growing and flourishing in years to come, and it’s a project worth trying. Go for it today!

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