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Where to Shop for Grocery in Ajah Lagos

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Welcome to Ajah, a vibrant and rapidly growing community located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. 

As a realtor based in this bustling area, we understand the importance of finding your dream home and ensuring that your everyday needs are met. 

One of the fundamental aspects of daily life is grocery shopping, and in this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the diverse grocery shopping landscape in Ajah.

We’ll introduce you to the best supermarkets, traditional markets, and online shopping platforms, ensuring you have all the information you need to shop efficiently and safely.

Benefits of Living in Ajah

Here are the benefits of living in Ajah, Lagos:

  • Proximity to Commercial Center: Ajah’s strategic location is close to Lagos’s critical industrial and commercial hubs. This means more accessible access to job opportunities and business centers, reducing daily commute times and enhancing work-life balance.
  • Scenic Beachfront Views: Ajah boasts some of Lagos’s most captivating beachfront views. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and enjoying the serenity of the coastline. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to experience tranquility and natural beauty.
  • Urban Development: Ajah has witnessed significant urban development in recent years. This translates to modern infrastructure, well-planned neighborhoods, and improved public services. Residents benefit from a harmonious blend of contemporary living and cultural heritage.

While Ajah offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to have reliable grocery shopping options to complete the equation for a comfortable lifestyle. 

Access to quality groceries is the backbone of everyday living, and in this bustling community, it’s no different.


Supermarkets and Grocery Stores in Ajah

Ajah, located in the heart of Lagos, is a dynamic and rapidly growing community with a diverse range of supermarkets and grocery stores that cater to the daily needs of its residents and visitors. These establishments offer a wide array of options, providing convenient and efficient grocery shopping experiences. Here’s an overview of the supermarkets and grocery stores in Ajah:

Bestsaver Supermarket

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Bestsaver Supermarket has become a beloved shopping destination among Ajah residents for several reasons. 

First and foremost, it’s known for its extensive range of products. From fresh produce to pantry staples, household essentials, and even non-food items, Bestsaver Supermarket caters to a broad spectrum of needs.

What sets Bestsaver apart is its commitment to competitive pricing. Shoppers can often find great deals and discounts on various items, making it an ideal choice for those looking to stretch their budget without compromising quality.

Location: FH9H+XPH, Thomas Estate, By Lekki-Epe Expressway Ajah, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos Nigeria, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki

Operating: 8 am -10 pm everyday

Aliba Supermarket, Ajah

Aliba Supermarket is celebrated for providing a delightful shopping experience focused on fresh produce and exceptional customer service. The store takes pride in offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat products.

What truly stands out about Aliba Supermarket is its friendly and attentive staff. They are always ready to assist customers, answer questions, and ensure a seamless shopping trip. This personal touch creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for shoppers.

Location: FH9M+PRX, Aja 106104, Lagos

Operating: 8 am -10 pm everyday

Grocery Bazaar Ajah

Grocery Bazaar Ajah is a one-stop shop for grocery and household needs. It’s the kind of store that simplifies your shopping routine by offering a comprehensive range of products under one roof.

Beyond groceries, you can find household items, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and much more. This convenience makes it a popular choice for residents looking to efficiently fulfill their shopping lists without the need to visit multiple stores.

Location: 15 Addo Rd, Aja 101245, Lagos

Operating: 9 am – 9 pm from Monday to Saturday but 10 am

PathWay Supermarket

PathWay Supermarket is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality. Shoppers can expect to find a curated selection of products that meet high standards. This includes fresh produce, packaged goods, and various household items.

The store is well-organized and clean, creating an enjoyable shopping environment. The emphasis on quality and cleanliness sets PathWay Supermarket apart as a reliable choice for discerning shoppers in Ajah.

Location: Aja 106104, Lekki, Lagos


  • Tel: 0802 360 8086

Neighbourhood Mart

Neighbourhood Mart takes its name seriously, embodying a community-oriented spirit. Beyond stocking essential items, this store fosters a warm, welcoming atmosphere that resonates with locals.

It’s not just a place to shop; it’s a place to connect with neighbors and engage in friendly conversations. This sense of community adds an extra layer of appeal to Neighbourhood Mart, making it a place where you feel like more than just a shopper.

Location: 15 Mobolaji Ajibola Street, Unity Homes, Ajah, Lagos, Eti-Osa 105102, Lekki, Lagos


  • Tel: 0818 076 4800

Eleganza Shopping Mall

Eleganza Shopping Mall is a versatile destination that combines grocery shopping with other retail options. 

This dynamic shopping center caters to the multifaceted needs of Ajah residents, making it an all-in-one shopping experience.

Shoppers at Eleganza can explore a well-stocked grocery section, boutiques, electronic stores, and various other specialty shops. 

This variety ensures that visitors can check off multiple items from their shopping lists while enjoying the convenience of a single location.

Location: FH55+X6J, Eleganza Shopping Mall, Vgc Eti-Osa Local Government Lagos NG, Aja 100001, Lekki

Operating: 24 hours service

Blenco Shoppers Mall

Blenco Shoppers Mall is a true shopping haven for those seeking groceries and other products. 

It’s the destination where you can find everything from fresh produce to fashion, electronics, and household goods—all conveniently located under one roof.

This comprehensive shopping experience appeals to residents looking to efficiently handle shopping needs without needing multiple trips to different stores.

Location: FHHC+QJX, Aja, Addo Rd, Lagos, Addo Rd, Lekki


Operating: 9am – 9pm everyday except sunday from 12noon – 9pm

View Point Plaza

View Point Plaza has become popular among shoppers seeking a diverse range of grocery items and household essentials. 

It’s a go-to destination for those looking for variety without sacrificing quality.

The plaza’s strategic location and well-organized layout make it convenient for Ajah residents who value accessibility and an extensive product selection.

Location: FH98+QQM, Aja 106104, Lagos


Operating: 8:30 am – 6 pm from Monday to Saturday but closes on Sunday

Megawaves Shopping Plaza

Megawaves Shopping Plaza stands out for its extensive product offerings, including everyday essentials and international and specialty items. This plaza caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of the Ajah community.

Shoppers can explore a wide range of products from various cultures and cuisines, making Megawaves an exciting destination for culinary enthusiasts and anyone looking to discover unique ingredients.

Location: FHWP+W38, Addo Rd, Aja 106104, Lekki, Lagos


  • Tel: 0803 437 1550

Operating: 8 am – 9 pm from Monday to Saturday but closes on Sunday

S.A Mall

S.A Mall provides a convenient shopping experience with a strong focus on quality and affordability. It’s a trusted choice for everyday shopping needs in Ajah.

Shoppers can rely on S.A Mall for a consistent selection of essentials and household items without breaking the bank. This affordability factor makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious residents.

Location: CHX7+5JC, Mobil Estate Rd, Aja 106104, Lagos

Traditional Markets in Ajah

In Ajah, traditional markets are more than just places to buy and sell goods; they are vibrant hubs of community life, culture, and commerce. These markets play a pivotal role in the heart of Ajah, preserving the area’s rich heritage and fostering a strong sense of community. Here are some popular traditional markets in Ajah:

Importance of Traditional Markets in Ajah

Traditional markets play a pivotal role in the heart of Ajah, and their significance cannot be overstated. 

These markets are not just places to buy and sell goods but vibrant hubs of community life, culture, and commerce. 

Here’s why traditional markets are so vital in Ajah:

  • Preservation of Heritage: Traditional markets are a testament to the area’s cultural heritage. They often feature local crafts, artisanal products, and traditional cuisine, providing a glimpse into the rich history of Ajah.
  • Community Bonding: These markets foster a strong sense of community. They bring residents, vendors, and visitors together, creating a space for social interaction and exchanging stories and traditions.
  • Accessibility: Traditional markets are easily accessible to a wide range of residents, including those who may not have access to larger supermarkets. They cater to the daily needs of people from all walks of life.

Popular Local Markets in Ajah

Ajah Market (by Jubilee Bridge)

Ajah Market, situated by the iconic Jubilee Bridge, is the bustling heart of this vibrant community. 

It’s a bustling and dynamic marketplace where you can find an extensive range of products. From fresh, locally sourced produce to a wide selection of clothing, electronics, and household items, Ajah Market offers a comprehensive shopping experience.

What sets this market apart is its lively atmosphere and the diverse mix of vendors, each offering their unique wares. It’s an accurate representation of the energetic spirit of Ajah and an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Location: FH87+R38, Alesh Bus – Stop, Ajah, Alesh Hotel Road, Aja, Lekki

Addo Market

Addo Market is a well-known destination for shoppers seeking an eclectic array of goods. 

As you wander through its bustling aisles, you’ll encounter fresh food stalls teeming with colorful fruits and vegetables, clothing vendors showcasing the latest fashion trends, and electronics stalls offering gadgets and accessories.

What makes Addo Market special is its ability to encapsulate the essence of Ajah’s diverse community.

Location: FHXP+32H, Addo Rd, Aja 106104, Lekki, Lagos
Operating Hours: 7:30 am -7:30 pm everyday

Ajiwe Mini Market

Ajiwe Mini Market may be smaller, but it packs a punch inconvenience. 

It caters to the daily shopping needs of locals without the crowds typically associated with larger markets. This smaller market offers accessibility and a more relaxed shopping experience.

Shoppers at Ajiwe Mini Market appreciate its compact layout, making it easy to navigate and find essentials quickly. It’s a favorite among residents who value efficiency and convenience.

Location: FH9J+MCJ, Ajiwe, Aja, Lagos
Operating Hours: 7 am – 10 pm every day

Itedo Market

Itedo Market is a lively and bustling marketplace where you can find diverse goods. From fresh produce and clothing to household items, this market reflects Ajah’s vibrant energy.

The market’s bustling atmosphere is a testament to the lively spirit of Ajah’s residents. Here, you can experience the local culture firsthand and shop for various products while interacting with friendly vendors.

Location: Lekki Penninsula II 106104, Lagos

Tips on Shopping at Traditional Markets

Shopping at traditional markets can be a delightful experience but requires some savvy. Here are some tips for making the most of your traditional market shopping:

  • Negotiation Skills: Haggling is a common practice in traditional markets. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices, but do so respectfully.
  • Cash is King: Traditional markets may not accept card payments, so carry cash in small denominations.
  • Go Early: Markets are typically busiest in the morning. Going early ensures you have the best selection and a more relaxed shopping experience.
  • Be Mindful of Hygiene: While traditional markets offer fresh produce, inspecting items for freshness and cleanliness is wise.

Tips for Efficient Grocery Shopping in Ajah

Efficient grocery shopping begins with proper planning. Here are some tips to help you plan your grocery trips effectively in Ajah:

  • Make a List: Create a shopping list before heading to the store. This will help you stay focused and avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the week in advance. This will help you buy only what you need and reduce food waste.
  • Check Your Inventory: Take a quick inventory of your pantry and fridge to avoid buying items you already have.
  • Choose the Right Store: Depending on your needs, choose the grocery store or market that best suits your shopping list and preferences.

Suggest Budgeting Tips for Grocery Shopping

Keeping your grocery expenses in check is essential. Here are some budgeting tips for grocery shopping in Ajah:

  • Set a Budget: Determine how much you can spend on groceries each week or month and stick to it.
  • Buy in Bulk: For non-perishable items and essentials you use frequently, consider buying in bulk to get better value for your money.
  • Compare Prices: Compare prices across different stores to find the best deals on your favorite products.

Insights on Shopping During Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Timing your grocery shopping can make a significant difference in your experience. Here’s when to consider shopping in Ajah:

  • Off-Peak Hours: To avoid crowds and long lines, aim to shop during off-peak hours, typically in the late morning or early afternoon on weekdays.
  • Weekdays: Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends, making navigating the stores and markets easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Best Place to Live In Ajah?

he best place to live in Ajah varies based on personal preferences and needs. Sangotedo offers affordability and accessibility, Abraham Adesanya Estate provides an upscale living experience, and Lekki Gardens Estate features well-planned layouts and amenities. The ideal choice depends on factors like budget, proximity to work or schools, and lifestyle preferences, so exploring these areas and considering individual requirements before deciding is essential.

Is Ajah a Nice Place to Live?

Ajah is often seen as a pleasant place to reside, offering urban convenience, proximity to industrial hubs, and access to scenic beaches. The area has seen development and improved infrastructure, making it appealing to many. However, personal preferences and priorities can influence one’s perception of living in Ajah, so thorough exploration and consideration of individual needs are essential when deciding to move there.

Does Ajah Have Good Water?

Ajah’s water quality and access to clean water can vary within the area. While some residents may have access to treated water, others rely on alternative sources. Ensuring safe drinking water may require individual water purification measures.

How Many Minutes Is Ikeja to Ajah?

The travel time from Ikeja to Ajah in Lagos, Nigeria, can vary depending on traffic conditions. On average, it takes approximately 1 hour to travel the distance of approximately 46 kilometers by car. However, during peak traffic hours, such as rush hour, the journey may take longer, sometimes exceeding 3 hours and 30 minutes. It’s essential to consider the time of day and traffic patterns when planning your trip between these two locations.


Ajah, Lagos, is a vibrant and rapidly growing community that offers a host of benefits to its residents. 

From its proximity to industrial hubs and stunning beachfront views to its diverse shopping options, Ajah presents an attractive opportunity for those seeking a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Whether you shop at modern supermarkets, explore traditional markets, or embrace both, Ajah caters to your unique preferences. 

With efficient planning, budgeting, and timing, you can maximize your grocery shopping experiences in this dynamic area. Whether a newcomer or a long-time resident, Ajah welcomes you with open arms and many opportunities to explore.

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