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Critical Questions You Should Always Ask a Lagos Landlord

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Looking for a place to rent in Lagos can be exciting but tricky. Lagos is the big hub of Nigeria, and you’ve got many housing choices here. But in this lively city, you’ve got to be careful and thoughtful when looking for your new place.

Here’s the deal: Your landlord has the keys to your new home, so you want to ensure everything’s cool. 

This blog post is about giving you the right questions to ask your Lagos landlord. These questions will help you make sure you’re making a good choice and that your new rental spot is comfy and trouble-free.

Let’s dive into these essential questions to make your rental journey in Lagos a breeze.

Questions About the Property

When considering renting a property in Lagos, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of the property itself. Here are some critical questions about the property that will help you make an informed decision:

Location and Accessibility

Is the property located in a safe and secure neighborhood?

Safety is a top priority. Ask about the neighborhood’s security, any past security incidents, and the presence of security measures such as guards or community policing.

How close is it to essential amenities like markets, schools, and hospitals?

Proximity to amenities can significantly impact your daily life. Inquire about the distance to local markets, schools, hospitals, and other services to ensure convenience.

What is the transportation infrastructure like in the area?

Efficient transportation is critical in Lagos. Ask about the availability of public transportation, major road networks, and traffic conditions during peak hours to gauge your daily commute.

Rent and Additional Costs

Understanding the financial aspects of renting a property in Lagos is crucial to managing your budget effectively.

What is the monthly rent, and what does it include (e.g., utilities, maintenance)?

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Get a clear breakdown of the monthly rent to ensure you know what is covered. Ask about utilities such as water, electricity, and gas and any maintenance costs that may be included.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs (e.g., service charges, agency fees)?

It’s essential to uncover any hidden fees that might catch you by surprise later. Inquire about service charges, agency fees, or any other costs associated with the property beyond the rent.

Is there room for negotiation on the rent?

Don’t hesitate to discuss the possibility of negotiating the rent. In some cases, landlords may be open to adjustments, especially if you are a long-term tenant or the property has been vacant for a while. Negotiating can save you money in the long run.

Lease Terms and Duration

What is the duration of the lease agreement?

Clarify the length of the lease, whether it’s a standard one-year lease or a different term. Knowing the duration upfront helps you plan for the future.

Are there any penalties for breaking the lease early?

Life can be unpredictable, and you may need to relocate before your lease expires. Inquire about any penalties or fees associated with breaking the lease prematurely. Understanding these terms in advance can help you make informed decisions.

Is there an option to renew the lease after it expires?

If you’re looking for long-term stability, ask if there is an option to renew the lease once it expires. Knowing whether you can extend your stay can save you the hassle of finding a new place in the future.

Questions About the Landlord

Your relationship with your landlord can significantly impact your rental experience. Here are vital questions to ask about maintenance and repairs:

Maintenance and Repairs

Timely maintenance is crucial for a comfortable living environment. Inquire about the landlord’s response time to maintenance requests. 

A responsive landlord ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

Regular inspections and maintenance schedules can help keep the property in good condition. 

Ask if the landlord conducts routine inspections or maintenance checks and how often they occur. This information can give you peace of mind regarding the property’s upkeep.

Property Rules and Policies

Requesting a copy of the lease agreement in advance allows you to review its terms and conditions thoroughly. It’s a good practice to read through the lease carefully to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. 

If there are any clauses or terms you’re unsure about, seek clarification from the landlord before signing the agreement. This transparency helps prevent misunderstandings down the road.

Questions About the Property’s Condition

Ensuring the rental property is in good condition is vital for a comfortable and hassle-free living experience. Here are essential questions to ask regarding the property’s condition:

Existing Issues

Transparency about existing issues is crucial. Inquire about any known problems with the property, such as plumbing leaks, electrical issues, or structural concerns.

Knowledge of recent repairs or renovations can give you insight into the property’s maintenance history. 

Ask the landlord if any significant repairs or renovations have been undertaken recently. This information helps you gauge the property’s overall condition and whether any improvements have been made to enhance your living experience.

Appliances and Amenities:

Inquire about refrigerators, stoves, air conditioning units, and amenities like parking spaces, gyms, or swimming pools. Knowing what’s available ensures you have the essentials for comfortable living.

Having functional appliances and amenities is critical to a hassle-free living experience. Ask the landlord about the condition of these items. 

Are they in good working order, or have there been recent issues or repairs? This information will help you assess the convenience and potential maintenance needs associated with the property.

Security Measures

Ask about security features such as security guards, CCTV cameras, access control systems, or gated entrances. Knowing these details can help you assess the level of security provided.

Safety is a top concern for any tenant. Ask your landlord about the property’s security measures against break-ins and theft. 

Are there any recent security incidents in the area that you should be aware of? Understanding the security situation contributes to your peace of mind during your tenancy.

Questions About Move-In and Move-Out

Here are critical questions regarding move-in and move-out procedures:

Move-In Inspection

Can we conduct a move-in inspection to document the property’s condition?

Performing a move-in inspection is a best practice to document the property’s condition before you move in. Ask your landlord if they will conduct this inspection with you to create a record of the property’s state at the beginning of your tenancy.

If you discover pre-existing damages during the move-in inspection, it’s essential to understand the reporting process. Ask your landlord how to report such damages and what actions will be taken to address them.

Return of Security Deposit

Clarify the handling of your security deposit. Ask about the procedures for depositing and safeguarding the funds and the conditions under which the deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your lease.

Also, understand the circumstances under which deductions may be made from your security deposit, particularly for damages beyond normal wear and tear. 

Inquire about the dispute resolution process in case of disagreements regarding deductions to ensure a fair and transparent resolution.

Questions About Neighbors and Community

Your immediate surroundings and the broader community significantly influence your quality of life. Here are pertinent questions about neighbors and the community you should ask your landlord:

Noise and Disturbances

Peace is essential for your comfort. Inquire if there have been any known noise issues with neighbors in the past or if there are specific units or neighbors you should be aware of.

Ask your landlord for information about noise ordinances or community rules related to noise levels and quiet hours. Knowing these regulations will help you maintain a peaceful environment and avoid potential conflicts.

Community Services

Access to essential community services is essential for daily living. 

Ask about services such as garbage collection, water supply, and utilities to ensure you have a reliable and convenient infrastructure.

Being part of a community can enhance your overall living experience. Inquire about community events, associations, or local gatherings in the area. Engaging with the community can help you feel more connected and informed about the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Rights of a Landlord in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, landlords have rights that include receiving rent payments, property access for inspections and repairs with notice, collecting security deposits, and terminating tenancies for valid reasons. 

What Is Section 13 of the Tenancy Law in Lagos State?

Section 13 of the Lagos State Tenancy Law addresses rent payment requirements, emphasizing the timely payment of rent as per the tenancy agreement, specifying the currency for payment, and outlining related provisions.

Can a Landlord Evict You Without a Court Order in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, landlords cannot evict tenants without a court order. They must follow a legal process that involves filing a lawsuit and obtaining a court order for eviction. 

Is It Legal for a Landlord to Disconnect Electricity in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, landlords cannot legally disconnect electricity to a tenant’s property without justifiable cause and following proper procedures. Regulations by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) protect tenant rights to access electricity.


Getting a rental place in Lagos, Nigeria, is pretty exciting, but there are many things to consider. 

This guide has many questions you should ask the landlord before signing the dotted line. These questions cover everything, from the place to what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Asking the right questions is critical to knowing what you’re getting into and making the best choice for your lifestyle. 

Remember, knowing what you’re getting into makes for a happy tenant. So, get into the nitty-gritty and get all the info you need for a smooth and happy rental experience in Lagos.

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