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Top 10 Best Places to Live in Lagos as a 9-5 Professional

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Choosing the right place to live in Lagos as a 9-5 professional is crucial for achieving a balanced lifestyle. Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling economic hub, offers a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and amenities. Whether you’re seeking upscale luxury or affordability with convenience, there’s a neighborhood in Lagos to suit your lifestyle needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best places to live in Lagos as a 9-5 professional. From upscale districts like Victoria Island and Ikoyi to emerging hubs like Lekki Phase 1 and Ajah, we’ll delve into the characteristics, amenities, and lifestyle offerings of each area to help you make an informed decision about where to call home in Lagos. 

Victoria Island

Victoria Island stands as one of Lagos’s most prestigious and sought-after neighborhoods for professionals. Known for its upscale residential and commercial areas, Victoria Island offers proximity to major business districts, corporate offices, and financial institutions. 

Professionals living in Victoria Island enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with access to upscale restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. While the cost of living in Victoria Island is high, the neighborhood’s luxurious amenities and convenient location make it a desirable choice for 9-5 professionals seeking a sophisticated urban lifestyle.

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Ikoyi is renowned for its opulent lifestyle and prestigious residences, making it a top choice for professionals in Lagos. Situated on Lagos Island, Ikoyi boasts exclusive neighborhoods, lush greenery, and waterfront views. 

Professionals residing in Ikoyi enjoy close proximity to corporate offices, embassies, and diplomatic zones, making it an ideal location for those seeking convenience and luxury. The neighborhood is dotted with upscale amenities, including fine dining restaurants, high-end boutiques, and recreational facilities such as golf courses and yacht clubs. 

Despite the high cost of living, Ikoyi’s unmatched elegance and sophisticated ambiance make it a preferred destination for discerning professionals looking for a refined living experience in Lagos.

Lekki Phase 1

Lekki Phase 1 has emerged as a vibrant residential and commercial hub, attracting professionals seeking modern living and convenience. Located on the Lekki Peninsula, this neighborhood offers a diverse range of housing options, including apartments, duplexes, and gated communities, catering to various lifestyles and preferences. 

Professionals residing in Lekki Phase 1 benefit from its proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, and leisure facilities, providing ample opportunities for entertainment and relaxation after work hours. 

Despite its burgeoning popularity, Lekki Phase 1 maintains a sense of community and affordability compared to upscale areas like Victoria Island and Ikoyi, making it an attractive choice for 9-5 professionals looking for a balanced lifestyle in Lagos.

Ikeja GRA

Ikeja GRA (Government Reserved Area) stands as a well-established residential neighborhood in Lagos, known for its serene environment and convenient location. Situated in the heart of mainland Lagos, Ikeja GRA offers professionals a mix of residential and commercial properties within a tranquil setting. 

The neighborhood boasts wide tree-lined streets, spacious parks, and well-maintained infrastructure, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort. Professionals residing in Ikeja GRA benefit from its close proximity to government offices, corporate headquarters, and business parks, reducing commute times and enhancing work-life balance. 

Additionally, Ikeja GRA offers a range of amenities, including schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a family-friendly environment with easy access to urban conveniences.


Surulere is a vibrant and historic neighborhood located in mainland Lagos, offering professionals a blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. Known for its cultural landmarks, bustling markets, and lively street life, Surulere appeals to professionals seeking a diverse and dynamic living experience. 

The neighborhood features a mix of residential developments, ranging from traditional bungalows to contemporary apartment complexes, catering to various preferences and budgets. 

Despite its central location, Surulere offers relatively affordable housing options compared to upscale areas like Victoria Island and Ikoyi, making it an attractive choice for professionals looking to balance affordability with proximity to urban amenities. 

With its rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere, Surulere continues to be a popular destination for 9-5 professionals seeking a lively and authentic Lagos experience.


Ajah has emerged as a promising residential area in Lagos, offering professionals affordable housing options and a growing array of amenities. Situated on the outskirts of Lagos Island, Ajah provides a balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility. 

Despite challenges with commuting and infrastructure, Ajah has witnessed significant development in recent years, with the emergence of gated communities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. 

Professionals living in Ajah benefit from its proximity to beaches, markets, and leisure destinations, providing opportunities for relaxation and recreation outside of work hours. 

While Ajah may require compromises in terms of commuting distance, its affordability and potential for growth make it an attractive option for professionals seeking a foothold in Lagos’s real estate market.

Ebute Metta

Ebute Metta presents another appealing option for Island workers. Derived from the Yoruba language, its name translates to “the three harbors,” historically referring to Iddo, Otto, and Oyingbo. During the colonial era, Ebute Metta emerged as a developed area, evidenced by the concentration of historical structures. 

Serving as a pivotal corridor, Ebute Metta links Lagos mainland to prominent sections of Lagos Island. The Iddo peninsula features an extensive network of flyovers and access roads, facilitating seamless travel between these distinct parts of the city. Housing options vary, from mini-flats to self-contained units, catering to diverse preferences.


Oworonshoki, a densely populated residential area, boasts decent accessibility with an average layout. The central route into Oworonshoki is Diya Street from Ifako Gbagada. 

This is a great place because it has affordable rental costs. Oworo, colloquially known, can almost be likened to an island due to its encompassment by the Lagos Lagoon. Positioned strategically, it serves as a crossroads, enabling easy access to both the Mainland and Island sections of Lagos via the Third Mainland Bridge.


Oshodi stands as a bustling urban center with its own unique character. Situated at the crossroads of Lagos, it serves as a critical junction connecting various parts of the city. Oshodi has undergone significant transformation over the years, evolving from a chaotic transportation hub into a more organized and vibrant locality. 

What used to be a chaotic and congested transport hub has undergone notable transformation, becoming a more organized and lively locale. The Oshodi Transport Interchange, a modern transportation facility, has contributed to the area’s revitalization. 

This interchange integrates various modes of transport, making commuting more efficient and comfortable for residents and visitors alike. Oshodi’s central location makes it relatively accessible to both the Island and the mainland. 

This strategic positioning can be advantageous for individuals who need to traverse different parts of Lagos frequently. Additionally, the ongoing development and infrastructure improvements are gradually turning Oshodi into a more appealing residential option.


Ketu is a diverse and dynamic neighborhood that offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It borders Ojota to the north, Mile 12 to the east, and Maryland to the west, making it strategically positioned in relation to various parts of the city and Island as well. 

Ketu is characterized by its bustling markets, vibrant streets, and a wide array of shops and businesses. It’s a melting pot of cultures and communities, contributing to its energetic atmosphere. The neighborhood is known for its accessibility, as major roads like Ikorodu Road and Lagos-Ibadan Expressway pass through or near Ketu, facilitating convenient travel.

For those commuting to the Island or other parts of Lagos, Ketu’s central location can be advantageous. While it might not offer the glitz and glamor of certain upscale areas, it provides a down-to-earth, authentic Lagos experience. Housing options in Ketu vary, from traditional apartments to more modern developments, catering to a range of budgets.


Choosing the best place to live in Lagos as a 9-5 professional requires careful consideration of various factors, including proximity to work, lifestyle amenities, affordability, and personal preferences. In this blog post, we’ve explored some of the top neighborhoods in Lagos, each offering its own unique blend of advantages and lifestyle offerings.

From the upscale luxury of Victoria Island and Ikoyi to the emerging vibrancy of Lekki Phase 1 and the historic charm of Surulere, Lagos presents a diverse range of options for professionals seeking the perfect place to call home. Additionally, neighborhoods like Ikeja GRA and Ajah provide affordable alternatives without compromising on convenience or quality of life.

Ultimately, the best neighborhood for you will depend on your individual priorities and lifestyle preferences. Whether you prioritize upscale living, convenience, affordability, or a vibrant community atmosphere, there’s a neighborhood in Lagos that’s tailored to your needs.

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