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Best Beauty Salons in Victoria Island, Lagos

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Beauty Shops

Step into the enchanting world of beauty in Victoria Island, Lagos. In the heart of this bustling metropolis, where style and sophistication reign supreme, the pursuit of beauty is a way of life. 

Whether you’re a Lagos resident in search of the latest beauty trends or a newcomer exploring this vibrant city, our guide is your key to discovering the best beauty salons and services tailored to your unique needs.

From skincare sanctuaries to makeup emporiums and hair havens, our curated list will unveil the places where your beauty potential can truly flourish. Prepare to indulge, pamper, and transform because, in Victoria Island, your beauty knows no limits.

Why Victoria Island for Beauty salonping

Victoria Island, the jewel of Lagos, has emerged as the ultimate destination for beauty salonping, and it’s no wonder why. Here, we delve into the allure of Victoria Island for all your beauty needs, emphasizing its remarkable diversity and accessibility. Furthermore, we’ll shed light on the ever-growing beauty industry in Victoria Island and its profound impact on the residents of this dynamic community.

Victoria Island’s Allure:

Diversity in Beauty: 

Victoria Island boasts a kaleidoscope of beauty options. From traditional Nigerian skincare remedies to the latest global beauty trends, you’ll find a wide array of products and services that cater to every skin type, hair texture, and style preference. Whether you’re searching for natural, organic products or cutting-edge cosmetics, Victoria Island has it all.


Convenience is the name of the game in Victoria Island. The concentration of beauty salons and salons in this area makes it easy for residents and visitors alike to access their favorite beauty havens. The well-planned layout and infrastructure ensure that you’re never far from a trusted beauty salon, whether you’re in the central business district or exploring the coastal areas.

The Rising Beauty Industry:

The beauty industry in Victoria Island has experienced exponential growth in recent years, transforming into a significant driver of economic and social change. Here’s how it’s impacting the residents:

Job Opportunities: 

The expansion of beauty salons and salons in Victoria Island has led to an influx of job opportunities, particularly for local residents. Skilled hairstylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, and sales professionals are in high demand, providing employment options and career paths for many.


Victoria Island has become a hub for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs. Start-ups and small businesses in the beauty sector are thriving, fostering creativity and innovation. This entrepreneurial spirit contributes to the local economy and adds to the city’s cosmopolitan charm.

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Community and Identity: 

Beauty is not just about appearance; it’s a form of self-expression and cultural identity. The diverse beauty offerings in Victoria Island allow residents to explore different aspects of their heritage and personal style. It’s a place where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously, reflecting the multicultural tapestry of Lagos.

Top 10 Beauty salons in Victoria Island

Victoria Island, at the heart of Lagos, is a thriving district that’s synonymous with style and elegance. Here are some of the top beauty salons in Victoria Island, each offering a unique blend of products and services to help you look and feel your best:

Studio Stylish – Beauty Salon & Spa in VI, Lagos

Location: 49 Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island 101211, Lagos

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours: open everyday 9:30am to 8pm closes on monday

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Studio Stylish offers a comprehensive array of beauty services, from hair treatments, haircuts, and styling to spa treatments, facials, and nail care. They stock a selection of high-end skincare and haircare products.

Unique Selling Points: Studio Stylish is known for its luxurious spa experiences and a team of highly skilled stylists and therapists. They specialize in creating a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere for their clients, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and pampering in Victoria Island.

T’ayanna Salon & Spa

Location: CCJH+2PH, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm (Tuesday to saturday) 1pm to 7pm (sunday) closes on monday. 

Range of Beauty Products and Services: T’ayanna Salon & Spa offers a wide range of beauty services, including hairstyling, nail care, facials, massages, and body treatments. They feature a curated selection of premium skincare and beauty products.

Unique Selling Points: T’ayanna Salon & Spa stands out for its holistic approach to beauty and wellness. They provide a serene and inviting environment for clients to escape the hustle and bustle of Victoria Island while receiving top-notch beauty and relaxation services. Their expertise in both beauty and spa treatments ensures a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience for clients.

Facefacts Salon Services

Location: 19 Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru Rd, Maroko 106104, Lagos

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours: 10am to 7pm everyday

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Facefacts Salon Services is your one-stop destination for a complete beauty makeover. They offer a wide range of services, including hair styling, skincare, makeup, and nail care, using top-quality products.

Unique Selling Points: Facefacts Salon Services prides itself on its experienced staff and personalized consultations, ensuring that each client receives tailored beauty solutions that enhance their natural beauty.

Sleek Studio

Location: 141 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours: opens everyday 8am to 7pm, close on sunday

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Sleek Studio is known for its premium beauty services, from hair treatments and styling to professional makeup application. They offer a selection of luxury skincare products.

Unique Selling Points: Sleek Studio stands out for its modern, upscale atmosphere and highly skilled team of beauty experts who keep up with the latest trends to provide clients with cutting-edge beauty solutions.

Blush Nigeria

Location: 1388 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Contact Information: 

  • Tel: 0706 818 1003

Operating Hours: Open everyday 8am-6pm and closes on sunday

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Blush Nigeria specializes in makeup artistry and skincare services. They offer a wide range of cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty accessories.

Unique Selling Points: Blush Nigeria is known for its expert makeup artists who cater to various skin tones and styles. They provide makeup tutorials and personalized beauty recommendations.

Biliqees Beauty Salon

Location: 45 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Contact Information: 

  • Tel: 0803 441 4301

Operating Hours: 

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Biliqees Beauty Salon offers comprehensive beauty services, including hairstyling, hair treatments, makeup, and nail services. They feature a range of natural haircare products.

Unique Selling Points: Biliqees Beauty Salon is renowned for its commitment to natural haircare and its team of stylists who excel in creating stunning natural hairstyles.

A107 Unisex Salon

Location: 16 Adeola Hopewell St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours: 8am – 9pm everyday except sunday that is 11am – 9pm

Range of Beauty Products and Services: A107 Unisex Salon provides a wide range of services, including haircuts, hair coloring, facials, and nail care. They offer premium haircare products.

Unique Selling Points: A107 Unisex Salon is celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and skilled stylists who offer personalized consultations to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each client.

Lidas Beauty Salon

Location: Woolworth Plaza, Plot 307 Adeola Odeku St, Lagos

Contact Information: 

  • Tel: 0805 269 3537, 0802 278 7702

Operating Hours: opens everyday 9am – 6pm but closes on sunday

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Lidas Beauty Salon offers a comprehensive range of beauty services, including haircuts, hair coloring, facials, and nail care. They use top-quality hair and skincare products.

Unique Selling Points: Lidas Beauty Salon is celebrated for its attention to detail and precision in hairstyling and beauty treatments. Their stylists have a reputation for creating flawless and long-lasting looks.

Sikalyn’s Hair & Beauty Salon

Location: No. 15 E, Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Contact Information: 

  • Tel: 0813 807 3387

Operating Hours: 9am – 7pm everyday except sunday that is 1pm – 6pm

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Sikalyn’s Hair & Beauty Salon offers an array of services, including haircuts, hair extensions, makeup, and nail art. They feature a selection of high-quality hair and beauty products.

Unique Selling Points: Sikalyn’s Hair & Beauty Salon is known for its versatility and creativity in hairstyling and makeup. They specialize in providing unique and trendsetting beauty solutions that cater to each client’s individual style.

Wondrous Hair Salon, Victoria Island, Lagos

Location: 1436 Sanusi Fafunwa St, Eti-Osa 101241, Victoria Island, Lagos

Contact Information:

Operating Hours: 7:30am – 5:30pm from monday to friday but 7:30am -3pm on saturday and 12noon -5pm on sunday.

Range of Beauty Products and Services: Wondrous Hair Salon offers a wide range of hair services, including styling, coloring, and extensions. They also provide expert makeup services and use quality haircare products.

Unique Selling Points: Wondrous Hair Salon is celebrated for its expertise in hair transformations and personalized makeup services. They are dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired looks with confidence and style.

Cultural Beauty Trends in Victoria Island

Victoria Island, situated in the heart of Lagos, is not just a commercial hub but also a melting pot of diverse cultural influences that manifest in unique beauty trends and practices. Let’s delve into the distinctive aspects of beauty culture here and explore how they’re shaping the local beauty industry.

Gele Styles and Headwraps: 

In Victoria Island, as well as across Nigeria, adorning intricate Gele styles (headwraps) is not merely a fashion statement; it’s a cultural tradition. Geles are donned at weddings, festivals, and important celebrations, showcasing both elegance and heritage. The demand for expert Gele stylists has soared, with beauty salons offering specialized services to meet this demand.

Natural Hair Movement: 

Embracing natural hair textures has gained significant momentum in Victoria Island. Many people are opting for natural hairstyles like Afros, braids, and twists, promoting self-expression and pride in African heritage. Beauty salons now cater to this trend by stocking a wide range of natural hair care products.

Henna Artistry: 

Henna, known locally as “Lalle,” has become a popular beauty practice. Women often adorn their hands and feet with intricate henna designs, especially during weddings and celebrations. Some beauty salons offer skilled henna artists who can create stunning and culturally meaningful designs.

Skin Glow: 

Achieving radiant and glowing skin is highly coveted. Nigerian skincare routines often include natural ingredients like shea butter, black soap, and coconut oil. The demand for local, organic skincare products has surged, and beauty salons are responding by stocking these sought-after items.

Tribal Tattoos and Marks: 

Adornments like tribal tattoos and facial marks are not only symbols of identity but also intricate art forms. Some beauty salons have specialized artists who offer these traditional markings, aligning with the renewed interest in preserving cultural practices.

African Print Fashion: 

Beauty isn’t limited to just cosmetics; fashion plays a pivotal role. African print fabrics, such as Ankara and Adire, are celebrated for their vibrant patterns and rich cultural significance. Beauty salons may offer clothing and accessories that complement these unique prints.

Alata Samina Skincare: 

This traditional Ghanaian skincare practice has gained popularity in Victoria Island and Nigeria. Alata Samina products, often made from natural ingredients like plantain skins and palm kernel oil, have found their place on beauty salon shelves as people seek authentic and effective skincare solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a beauty salon and a spa?

A beauty salon specializes in hair and nail services, while a spa offers a broader range of treatments, including massages and skincare, with an emphasis on overall relaxation and well-being. Salons focus on grooming, while spas provide a more holistic and rejuvenating experience.

What are the characteristics of a good quality beauty salon?

A quality beauty salon is characterized by cleanliness, skilled and licensed professionals, outstanding customer service, top-notch products, and a variety of services, including hair, skincare, and nails. Fair pricing and a welcoming atmosphere also contribute to its excellence.

What should you look for in a salon to determine whether it is right for you?

To choose the right salon for you, prioritize cleanliness, friendly and professional staff, a welcoming environment, diverse service offerings, transparent pricing, and convenient location. Customer reviews and referrals can be valuable for assessing satisfaction levels and ensuring it suits your style and preferences.

What are the qualities of a salon?

The qualities of a salon typically include a welcoming and clean environment, skilled and friendly staff, a wide range of services, use of high-quality products, efficient appointment scheduling, a pleasant ambiance, fair pricing, and excellent customer service. A good salon should prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of its clients while maintaining high hygiene and professionalism standards.


In conclusion, finding the best beauty shops in Victoria Island, Nigeria, is not just about enhancing your appearance; it’s an exploration of cultural richness and personal expression. From traditional practices like Gele styling and henna artistry to the embrace of natural hair and African print fashion, Victoria Island’s beauty trends reflect the tapestry of Nigerian culture. 

These trends not only shape the local beauty industry but also offer a unique opportunity for individuals to celebrate their heritage while looking and feeling their best. As you embark on your journey to unlock your beauty potential in Victoria Island, remember that beauty transcends skin-deep, and it’s the diversity and vibrancy of these cultural influences that truly make the experience special. So, indulge, experiment, and enjoy the colorful world of beauty that Victoria Island has to offer.

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