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Alternative Routes to Abraham Adesanya Lagos

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Abraham Adesanya, nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Lagos, stands as a hub of activity and significance. Yet, navigating this bustling area often presents a labyrinth of challenges, particularly in managing the relentless flow of Lagosian traffic. Whether you’re an accident, a frequent visitor, or someone seeking a smoother passage to this destination, understanding the art of alternative routes becomes pivotal for a seamless commute.

Within this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil a trove of options beyond the usual beaten paths. Here, we’ll dissect the maze of roads, unveil shortcuts tucked away from the rush, and unravel diverse transportation modes to help you orchestrate a hassle-free journey to Abraham Adesanya.

Main Routes to Abraham Adesanya

The Lekki-Epe Expressway is the main artery connecting Abraham Adesanya to the broader Lagos area. Here’s a more detailed exploration:

Lekki-Epe Expressway


The Lekki-Epe Expressway is the principal thoroughfare leading to Abraham Adesanya, serving as a crucial link between Lekki, Epe, and the surrounding regions. Known for its strategic importance, this route attracts heavy traffic, especially during peak hours, due to its connectivity to various residential and commercial areas.

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Traffic Congestion:

During rush hours, typically in the mornings and evenings, this expressway experiences significant congestion. The influx of commuters, combined with commercial vehicles and transport services, often results in slow-moving traffic and occasional standstills, making travel times longer than usual.


Apart from congestion, road maintenance, occasional construction, and unforeseen events like accidents contribute to delays along this route. The high volume of vehicles can also lead to wear and tear, impacting the overall road quality.


Despite the congestion and challenges, the Lekki-Epe Expressway remains crucial for accessing the region’s Abraham Adesanya and other vital destinations. Its centrality and connectivity make it a primary choice for many commuters.

Alternative Routes

Route 1: Orchid-Okun Ajah Community Road-Ogombo Road


This route begins at the Orchid Hotel junction, leading through the Okun Ajah Community Road, intersecting with the Ogombo Road that eventually connects to Abraham Adesanya. It covers approximately 8.4  kilometers and traverses through residential and commercial areas.

Notable Landmarks: 

Along this route, you’ll pass the Orchid Hotel, residential estates, local markets, and commercial hubs. Notable landmarks include the Okun Ajah Market and several schools en route.


  • Often less congested during peak hours compared to main roads.
  • Access to local amenities and markets.
  • It is lesser known so that it can be a quicker alternative during rush hours.


  • Some sections may have uneven roads or ongoing construction.
  • Limited public transportation options.
  • Potential traffic bottlenecks at intersections.

Traffic Conditions: 

This route typically experiences moderate traffic flow but can get congested during specific times. Real-time traffic apps like Google Maps or Waze can provide current traffic status updates.

Route 2: Sangotedo-Ogombo Road


Starting at Sangotedo, this route runs through the Sangotedo Market area, linking to the Ogombo Road, providing access to Abraham Adesanya. It covers approximately 9.55 kilometers, passing through both commercial and residential zones.

Notable Landmarks: 

This route is marked by Sangotedo Market, residential estates, small businesses, and local eateries. Notable landmarks include the Jubilee Bridge and the New Shoprite complex.


  • Direct connection to Sangotedo Market and other local hubs.
  • Relatively smooth traffic flow during off-peak hours.
  • Accessible through various public transportation options.


  • It can get congested during rush hours due to the market’s high activity.
  • Narrower roads might slow down traffic.
  • Potential delays at intersections and junctions.

Traffic Conditions: 

This route experiences fluctuations in traffic flow, often depending on the time of day. Monitoring traffic updates via navigation apps is advisable for real-time insights.

Route 3: Ikota-Ogombo Road Via Laura Stephens Road


Commencing at Ikota, this route leads through Laura Stephens Road, intersecting with Ogombo Road, offering an alternative approach to Abraham Adesanya. It spans approximately 5.5 kilometers, passing through residential and commercial areas.

Notable Landmarks: 

Along this route, you’ll come across the Ikota Shopping Complex, residential estates, schools, and smaller local businesses.


  • Connectivity to the Ikota Shopping Complex and other local facilities.
  • Potentially less crowded during specific hours.
  • Access to various local amenities.


  • The route is only available to motorbikes
  • Road conditions may vary, including sections under maintenance.
  • Limited public transport availability.

Traffic Conditions: 

This route can vary in traffic density. Keeping track of real-time traffic updates via navigation apps can assist in planning the journey effectively.

Tips for Efficient Navigation

Navigating to Abraham Adesanya in Lagos is not just about choosing an alternative route; it’s about optimizing your journey for minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. Here are some strategies to make the best use of your chosen route:

Utilize Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Apps:

Investigate and leverage various apps and online tools to provide real-time traffic updates. Apps like Google Maps, Waze, or local traffic authority apps can offer live traffic information, alternate routes, and estimated travel times. These tools allow you to adapt your route based on current conditions, helping you avoid congestion and delays.

Understand Peak Hours and Off-Peak Times:

Identify the peak traffic hours specific to your chosen routes. Usually, mornings and evenings witness heavy traffic due to commuters heading to and from work. By understanding these patterns, you can plan your travel outside peak hours or choose less congested times to minimize delays.

Diversify Transportation Modes:

Consider mixing transportation modes for different parts of your journey. For instance, utilizing public transportation for specific legs of the trip might be more time-efficient than solely relying on personal vehicles. Explore options like buses, ride-sharing services, or even bicycles for shorter distances or when traffic is weighty.

Plan and Allow Extra Time:

Always consider time when traveling, especially during peak hours or when taking unfamiliar routes. Unexpected roadblocks, accidents, or construction work can disrupt your plans. Having a buffer in your schedule ensures time constraints do not stress you and allows for flexibility in unforeseen circumstances.

Stay Informed and Flexible:

Remain open to changing your route based on real-time information or unforeseen events. Conditions on the road can change rapidly, and being flexible allows you to adapt swiftly to new information, potentially saving time and frustration.

Explore Alternate Modes of Navigation:

In addition to GPS-based apps, familiarize yourself with local landmarks, signs, and landmarks to navigate without solely relying on technology. A general sense of the area’s layout can be constructive, especially if technology fails or signals are weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Abraham Adesanya Safe?

Abraham Adesanya is generally considered a relatively safe area in Lagos. However, like any urban area, you must remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

What Causes Traffic in Lagos?

Traffic in Lagos is primarily caused by a combination of factors, including a high population density, inadequate road infrastructure relative to the population, a growing number of vehicles, limited public transportation options, and a lack of effective traffic management systems.

Why is Managing Traffic Congestion Challenging in Lagos?

Managing traffic congestion in Lagos poses several challenges due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the roads, limited road capacity, inadequate public transportation infrastructure, inconsistent enforcement of traffic regulations, and a lack of synchronized traffic management strategies.

Where is the Most Traffic in Lagos?

The most congested areas in Lagos often include significant highways such as the Lekki – Epe Expressway, Third Mainland Bridge, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, and routes leading to commercial centers like Victoria Island and Ikeja, which experience heavy traffic during peak hours.

Final Thought

Flexibility emerges as the linchpin for an efficient journey when navigating the routes to Abraham Adesanya in Lagos. This guide has shed light on diverse pathways, underscoring the importance of adapting to fluctuating traffic conditions. Each route has advantages and drawbacks, from main arteries to less-traveled lanes. Embracing flexibility allows for nimble adjustments, ensuring commuters aren’t tethered to congested roads or unexpected delays. The key lies in remaining open to alternate paths and being responsive to evolving travel dynamics.

Selecting the optimal route demands a tailored approach. Consider personal preferences, travel timings, and real-time updates. Adapting to varying traffic patterns and experimenting with different routes enables a more informed and responsive commute. Ultimately, the journey to Abraham Adesanya in Lagos is an ongoing exploration that rewards flexibility, adaptability, and a willingness to explore alternate avenues for a smoother travel experience.

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